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How Do I Remove Wrinkles in My Liner Caused by Heavy Rain?

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How Do I Remove Wrinkles in My Liner Caused by Heavy Rain?

How Do I Remove Wrinkles in My Liner Caused by Heavy Rain?

It has rained all season long, wreaking havoc on your backyard oasis, and causing the one thing pool owners don’t want to see – liner wrinkles.

During periods of heavy rain, if the water level in the ground becomes higher than the water level in the pool, the liner will float.  When the ground water recedes, the liner most likely will settle back into place unevenly, creating wrinkles in some areas and a tight stretch in others.  Usually the wrinkles are in the shallow end.

Here you see the liner floating up due to ground water after heavy rain.

Here are the resultant wrinkles when the bubble re-settles.

The solution is to drain the water about one foot back down the slope to the deep end, below the floor in the shallow end.  Pull the material back up into place in the shallow end, turn on a vacuum blower (just like during the initial installation), and refill the pool.

It is easy to get in trouble here, so this is definitely a job for your pool professional.  If the ground is still saturated with water, the pool walls may collapse under the extra weight.  You may need to wait for drier conditions before attempting to re-seat the liner.  If the liner is more than a few years old, it may be brittle and may rip when you try to get it back in place, or tear away from the face plates around the steps and skimmers.

The bottom line:  It is probably a simple and inexpensive fix.  Your contractor just drains some water, re-seats the liner and fills it back up.  Be aware that the liner may fail during the process, but if the liner is more than seven years old, it is about time to replace it anyway.

Below are more pictures of a liner that floated as a result of excess rain water.  You can see the wrinkles caused by the floating and the stretch in the corners.