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Automatic Safety Covers FAQs

1. Why should I buy an automatic cover?
Savings and safety are the two primary reasons to have an automatic pool cover. An automatic cover can help save on your annual pool heating bill. It can also save up to 93% of water evaporation as well as reducing your chemical bills by half. It will also save you from the cost of having to add water to your pool each month. Our super strong construction also protects children, pets and stray animals from accidental intrusion.

2. How much safety does a McEwen Automatic Safety Cover provide?
Our cover can withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure. If anyone was to walk or fall onto it, there is little to no chance of drowning. Our covers feature a tamper-proof design – once the cover locks into place, it cannot be opened without the key. Our covers meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.

3. What type of cover design is best for my pool?
There are many different design options available. If you are building a new pool, we can inconspicuously hide both the tracks and drive system below deck. The track can be installed between the pool wall and the deck and the drive system would reside in a well and can be covered by our aluminum lid or walk-on deck trays to match your deck. If your pool is a free-form shape, a deck-on-deck application is best. In this case, the tracks are installed on the deck and then a secondary deck in poured on top to hide the tracks. If you have an existing pool, we can install the tracks and drive system on top of the deck. We offer a vinyl bench that can cover the drive system.

4. Do I need an automatic cover if my pool is already fenced in?
The answer is yes. Though the fence secures the pool area, it does not address the threat of someone falling into the pool and possibly drowning. When your pool is covered, the water underneath is completely isolated. If someone falls onto the cover, it will be almost like falling onto a water bed and drowning will not be an issue.

5. Can you do a replacement cover for a system that is not yours?
Yes – if you know the original manufacturer, we will know how to do a replacement cover for that system. We offer 9 different, exciting fabric colors to choose from. Our fabrics are made with tough U.V. inhibitors and resist tearing, rotting, and stretching.