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Automatic Safety Covers

Some Things Are Worth Covering

Recessed Track With Recessed Drive System

Exclusively for new construction, this is our most inconspicuous automatic safety cover installation, where both the tracks and the drive system are hidden below the deck. The track can be installed under an overhanging deck or in a special encapsulation that sits between the pool wall and the deck. We have encapsulations available for both gunite and vinyl liner pools. The drive system resides in a well, below the deck, and can be covered by our aluminum lid or walk-on deck trays poured to match your deck.

Deck Mounted Track With Recessed Drive System

Ideal for new automatic safety cover installations of custom shaped pools or one piece fiberglass pools where the track cannot be installed below the deck. The track can be attached right to the top of the deck or hidden in the foot of the riser in a two level deck as shown above. The drive system resides in a well below the deck. This type of installation is almost as hidden as the completely recessed systems and will fit almost any shape or size pool. Safety covers can also be installed this way on existing pools by cutting a hole in the deck and digging out the well.

Deck Mounted Track With Deck Mounted Drive System

This type of automatic safety cover installation is almost always used when installing a cover on an existing pool. Attractive, low-profile, tracks run alongside the pool, on top of the deck, and blend in much like a threshold cover does on the carpet inside a home. The drive system is enclosed in a functional bench-style housing.

Our Automatic Safety Covers are available in a wide variety of colors…

The touch of a button slides the cover on or off the pool in less than a minute.