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Safety Covers FAQs

1. Can a safety cover be designed for my vinyl-liner pool with custom features?
The answer is yes – our safety covers can be designed to fit almost any pool, regardless of shape or size. We can also design the cover to accommodate custom features such as raised walls and rock formations as well as cutting around obstructions such as diving board stands or non-removable rails for slides and ladders. For pools with raised walls, we cut the cover flush with the face of the wall and have several different methods to attach the cover to the wall. These techniques not only provide the best look but also guarantee the safety aspect of our covers.

2. Should I buy a safety cover for my pool?
We recommend installing a safety cover on your pool. By winterizing your pool with a safety cover, you keep your liner out of the sun and chlorine-free for many months which can greatly extend the life of your liner.

3. What are some common tips for maintaining and storing my safety cover?
A great way to insure the cover can be installed quickly is to flush out the anchor casings with a hose, then spray with silicone so the anchors do not stick. Repeat this process several times per year.
-Spray off the cover with a hose to remove leaves, branches, and large debris. For solid covers with a drain, rinse out the drain panel with a hose to ensure proper filtration.
-Make sure the water level does not drop 18” below the coping. This acts as a support system if there is a heavy snow load on the cover.
-Cover storage in the spring: Hose off the cover and debris screen if applicable. Removal and installation is made easier if the cover is fan-folded. Hang the storage bag off the floor so that the cover can drain.
-Following these tips will maximize the lifespan and functionality of your cover.

4. Which safety cover material is the right choice for me?
We have created a chart to help you decide which material best suits your needs and surroundings. Click here to choose the cover that’s right for you!

5. Can I install a safety cover myself?
Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing a safety cover online and attempting to install the cover themselves. While buying a safety cover from an internet-based company may seem like a good idea, the benefits of professional installation will long outweigh any perceived benefits of an internet-bought safety cover. Installing swimming pool safety covers is not a simple task, and patching misplaced holes in your deck can be time consuming and ruin the look of your pool.
In order to maintain the safest and most visually appealing installation, it is essential that you bring in a pool professional to accurately measure and install your safety cover. A liner is a big investment, and you want it to last as long as it can. A professional safety cover installation will not only maximize the life of your pool liner, but ensure a beautiful pool for years to come.