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Highland® In-Ground Pools FAQs

Highland® In-Ground Pools FAQs

1. I am interested in purchasing a Highland® in-ground pool. How do I get started?
Your McEwen pool dealer will be happy to meet with you and review all of the options and benefits of owning a Highland® pool. They will also assist you in all stages of your purchase, from selection to offering professional installation and service. With their support, you will find the perfect pool for your home, budget, and backyard oasis.

2. I would like vinyl-covered steps for my pool, is this possible?
Yes – we have several vinyl-covered step options. Whether you are looking for something as basic as a simple step for the corner or something more elaborate with benches, we can provide these for your pools. If you have something else in mind, we can design it.

3. What are the pool walls made of?
We offer both steel and polymer in-ground pool panels in both 42” and 48” walls so that you can get the installation that fits your needs and budget. Consult with your dealer as to what pool wall he uses and which wall is best for you.

4. What is the best type of construction to use when building an in-ground pool?
Of the three choices – fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl – we think a vinyl liner pool is your best option. First of all, there is no limit to the size, shape and depth of a vinyl liner pool so you can design any pool you can imagine. The vinyl liner has a soft and smooth feel and is nonabrasive to the touch. There are also many choices of colors and patterns available and when you replace the liner every 7 years, it’s like getting a brand new pool each time. Vinyl liner pools are also the least expensive option to build as well as less costly to maintain.

5. I would like a deeper shallow end, can this be designed?
The standard panel is 42” but we have 48” panels. Our 48” walls enable you to have a deeper shallow-end and also allow you to create sports pools without coves or multi-levels.