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Automatic Safety Cover Features

Valuable Features Included With All McEwen Automatic Safety Covers:

McEwen Automatic Pool Covers cut operating costs up to 70%, saving on chemicals, evaporation, pump and filter time and heating bills. Super strong construction protects children, pets and stray animals from accidental intrusion.

Fits virtually any size or shape pool up to a maximum width of 31 feet. Heavy-duty universal mounting brackets allow for easy installation and adjustment of the unit.

Covers are made from tough U.V. inhibited fabric and resist tearing, rotting and stretching.

New multi-position end caps and tempered slider brackets provide unmatched strength and stability.

Tamper-proof design. Once the McEwen Safety Cover System locks into place, it cannot be removed without the key.

Unique three-channel track with separate slider channel accommodates our heavy-duty slider system.

All McEwen Automatic Safety Covers meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.

Our track drive opens and closes perfectly straight every time, and each drive comes with a lifetime warranty.

Protects Virtually any shape or size pool and can be used year round.
Unique leading edge bar design decreases deflection and ensures silky smooth operation.

All parts of the drive unit are made from non-corrosive stainless steel and aluminum.

Torque-limiting clutch with auto-brake prevents damage to the cover and unit during operation.