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Is there really such a thing as a 38 gauge, in-ground pool, vinyl liner?

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Is there really such a thing as a 38 gauge, in-ground pool, vinyl liner?

When it comes to in-ground pool liners, gauge is not a meaningful term. Websites that refer to the “gauge” of an in-ground liner could lead a consumer to think that they are getting something which doesn’t actually exist. You may find this term used on the same kind of internet sites that try to convince you that you can buy an in-ground pool liner for $500 and install it yourself.

Gauge is not a term that is used in the in-ground pool liner industry. No in-ground pool vinyl liner manufacturer uses gauge as a unit of measure and no in-ground pool liner producer, that we know of, sells in-ground pool liners measured in gauge.  In-ground vinyl pool liners are typically sold in either a 20 mil or a 27 mil thickness. “Mil” is an actual unit of measure equal to one thousandth of an inch. Click here for a link to our post from last year explaining this unit of measure in more detail.

Just like no butcher shop sells steak by the foot, no in-ground vinyl pool liner manufacturer sells liners by the gauge. When you see someone advertising in-ground liners of a certain gauge, you should ask what is the thickness of the liner they are selling.  The answer should be given in mil.

Better still, click off that website and call your local pool professional who lives and works in your community and who will measure, install and stand behind the purchase of your new in-ground pool liner.

Nothing else is more important.