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How many years before I will need to replace my liner?

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How many years before I will need to replace my liner?

The average life expectancy of an in-ground pool liner is about seven years. Proper maintanence and attention to pH and chlorine levels will help maximize the life of your liner. The addition of a safety cover during the off-season will also help.

Liners are just like the tires for your car or the shoes for your feet – over time they wear out and will need to be replaced. They all take a beating from the elements. The question is, how many years can you get out of your liner before it has to be replaced?

The quick answer is, if your liner is not leaking then don’t replace it. One morning you’ll come out and the water is down a foot and you’ll know it’s time.

The longer answer is that liners fail for two reasons – they either dry rot and split or they fade. If your liner is ripping due to dry rot, this typically shows up in one of the corners and above the waterline. It might not cause a leak, but it is unsightly. Fading is the overall bleaching of the liner due to exposure to sunlight and chemicals. This is just like what happens to the dashboard of your car after many years of exposure to the sun.

Sometimes, you simply want a new liner pattern in your pool. New patterns are introduced every year and technology continues to create increasingly more realistic liner patterns. A new liner will give both your swimming pool and your entire backyard a fresh, new look.